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“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” –P.T. Barnum

Does money seem to have a hold on you? Do you feel defeated and stuck in your less-than-ideal financial situation? You’re not alone. Many people view money as the top dog, the ultimate enemy with an unrelenting ability to ruin just about every aspect of life. There are five simple words to deal with this mind-set: control is in your hands.

Some things are easier said than done, but when it comes to money, control really does start with your day-to-day decisions. Not only are there smarter ways to save, there are smarter ways to think about money. Here are some of the best tips to start thinking about money differently.


Mind-set Makeover

Are you discouraged with your saving and spending? You may need a mind-set makeover. If the word “money” causes you to groan, hyperventilate, or roll your eyes, you’re going about finances in the wrong way.

In order to change, you’ll need to engage in certain activities that will challenge your perspective. Fill in the blank: “Money is____.” If you answered “stressful,” ,“intimidating,” or “dreadful,” think again. Money allows you to provide, money is vital.

Without money, you wouldn’t have a roof over your head or food on your plate.

While money is essential for daily necessities, it also allows you to further your education and touch the lives of others. Money is empowering—for you, the things, and people that you care about.

Forgo Frivolous

Most of us can’t help but feel pressured to “keep up with the Joneses.” Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on luxurious items you want but don’t need, start saving money for things you’ll need in the future.

Ask yourself this: what am I spending money on? Why does it seem like the funds in my bank account never increase? Spending money is generally a lot easier than earning it, so make sure you don’t sell your lifelong goals short by spending every cent on the passing (expensive) fads. You’re in charge. Choose your purchases wisely.

Create Change

Get creative. Don’t settle on a minimum wage job for the rest of your life. Your worth is directly dependent on your willingness to get creative in the ways you earn money. You may not be an entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a risk taker.

It takes money to make money—make small goals for how much money you want, when you want it and keep track to see that you are getting it. Gather trusted friends and drum up business ideas, do freelance work, or hold annual estate sales to rid your house of unnecessary items and pad your pockets. No matter what you choose to do, keep the thought of growing your financial security on your mind in your daily activities.

As you change your mind-set, forgo making frivolous purchases, and get creative, you’ll be able to recognize that you are the master of your money and control is in your hands. If you need help with your money problems, browse our site Mclay Bankruptcy Trustee & Consumer Proposal Ontario to learn more.